English for EU integration

Our specialised course English for EU integration is inteded for those who would like to expand their knowledge of English and at the same time acquire and enrich their vocabulary in connection with the European Union.

Our School has created the original programme – English for EU integration. This specialised course consists of 100 lessons and is divided into two parts:


English for EU integration 1 which comprises the following topics:


  • Basic facts about the EU (its foundation and symbols)EU-I-WEB
  • The Council of the European Union
  • The European Parliament
  • The European Commission
  • The European institutions (the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the European Investment and Central Bank)
  • The Treaty of Lisbon
  • Schengen Agreement
  • Life in the EU
  • Education and employment (the ‘Lisbon strategy’)



English for EU integration 2 which comprises the following topics:


  • The EU and its foreign policyEU-II-WEB
  • Enlargement (The ‘Copenhagen Criteria’)
  • The Western Balkan countries (Stabilisation and Association Process, European Partnership)
  • Serbian European Integration Office
  • Serbia and the EU (Stabilisation and Association Process, visa liberalisation, European Partnership, National Programme for European Integration, Progress Reports, Instrument for Pre-acession Assistance -IPA, Enhanced Permanent Dialogue)
  • The future of the EU
  • European language portfolio (Common European Framework of Reference)


All the units have original tailored exercises and the course curriculum comprises several tests which evaluate students’ progress. The texbook is constantly updated to be in accordance with the changes in the EU and to meet the needs of our students.

Our textbook ‘English for EU Integration’ has already been used for specialised courses organised for the employees of several state institutions. The evaluation assessment carried out among our students has shown not only the high marks of our programme, but also the fact that this project has been a successful blend of the English language training and acquisition of knowledge about the EU.