Specialised courses

SPECIALISED COURSES are intended for different businessmen and experts who need specialised vocabulary. The aim of these courses is to acquire vocabulary in connection with certain professions and to facilitate the communication with foreign business partners, colleagues and experts through various publications, congresses and seminars. We offer a wide range of specialized courses, such as:

  • English for EU Integration
  • VIP courses of English for managers
  • English for confidence
  • English for financial sector
  • Legal English
  • English for ICT sector
  • English in Medicine
  • English for Tourism

The number of levels differs depending on the subject area and students’ interests. We use various textbooks, including our original textbook English for EU Integration recommended by Serbian EU Integration Office

Group or one-to-one lessons are available for all specialized courses.

All new students take the preliminary test which includes interview and Oxford placement test.

Lessons are held in our exclusive classroms equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards. Our interactive courses enable all our students to gain a completely new multimedial experience in our classrooms. The use of  the touch-sensitive whiteboard with integrated audio and video material, as well as various additional exercises, makes our students more motivated and their learning process easier.

We also provide in-house teaching.

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