Standard courses

STANDARD COURSES are intended for those interested in establishing everyday communication in English. We expand the vocabulary and grammar knowledge by covering versatile general topics. These courses are organised on eight different levels:

(1 lesson = 45min)
Beginner A1 50
Elementary A2 50
Pre-intermediate A2+ 50
Intermediate B1 50
Upper-intermediate B1+ 50
Advanced B2 50
Conversational C1 50
Proficient C2 50

*CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference

The number of lessons per week is 4 (2×2), 6 (2×3 or 3×2), 8 (4×2), or it is determined in compliance with students’ request.

We use the textbooks either from New Cutting Edge, Language to go (Longman) edition or New Headway (Oxford University Press). For each level there is a student’s book, workbook and CDs. In addition, we use a lot of supplementary materials adapted to meet the needs of our students. We also provide a lot of information regararding the culture and history of the English speaking countries because it helps to understand and feel the language better.

Group or one-to-one lessons are available for all the above levels.

All new students take the preliminary test which includes interview and Oxford placement test.

Lessons are held in our exclusive classroms equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards. Our interactive courses enable all our students to gain a completely new multimedial experience in our classrooms. The use of  the touch-sensitive whiteboard with integrated audio and video material, as well as various additional exercises, makes our students more motivated and their learning process easier.

We also provide in-house teaching.

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